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    With the desire to “deliver songs that are close to each person”, a 3 piece band created from Vo. Takabo, DJ. Alfi, and Gt. Takuman was formed in April 2020 as they were classmates at university.

    Original songs with unique organizations, and covers sang by Takabo with his high tone vocals became popular through social media. Just 2 years after the formation of the band, they reached over 860,000 followers on TikTok, and 60,000,000 total views on YouTube.
    Lyrics based on real experiences of the members are popular among teenagers and the wider generation.

    The group name has the meaning of "delivering ten different colors to 10 different people” “bringing music that can be close to each listener”.



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    After starting playing at the age of 3 including composing, and arranging, Takuro Iga went on to graduate from Kunitachi College of Music's Music High School Piano Department and later on went to entered Kunitachi College of Music with a major in composition. He started live and recording activities while he was still in school. He later won the Grand Prix in the 2006 Asakusa JAZZ Contest Solo Player category.
    He covers and responds to pop, rock, Latin, and folk music, with classical and jazz as his foundation. He has both extremes of his transparent tone and, in contrast, rough and intense play, and has a good reputation, especially for his tone and ad-lib to suit the situation.

    His adaptiveness was highlighted when he appeared on TV Asahi's "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle", he showed an ad-lib performance that expressed the image of the performer and an absolute pitch that reproduces the human voice on the piano. Durig which Takeshi described him as a “Genius Pianist”

    Currently, he is active in a wide range of activities such as playing as a support pianist and synthist for various artists, composing and arranging gekitomo music such as anime, games, and CM music, and providing / recording music to artists.

    He has performed with and arranged for a wide range of artists, including Chisako Takashima, Taro Hakase, Nogizaka64, Iwao Furusawa, Hiromitsu Agatsuma, Fumiya Fujii, Kohei Tanaka, Masashi Sada, Kaoru Kishitani, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Terumasa Hino, Eric Miyagi, Masayuki Suzuki, Yoshiko Moriyama, Sukima Switch, Ayaka Hirahara, Judy Ongg, Hiromi Go, Jin Oki, and Ryota Komatsu. (In no particular order/titles omitted)
    As a composer, he has composed music for NHK drama "The Piano Man in the Six Mat Room," TV animation "SELECTION PROJECT," "Koisuru Asteroid," "Kabukicho Sherlock," "Watashi ni Tenshi ga Mukerita," "Kakuriyo no Shukuban," "Tsuki ga Kirei," "Kazatsu," "Magical Girl Raising Project," "Aria AA" and theatre animation "Yuhyake He also composed the theme song for the theatrical anime "ARIAtheAVVENIRE", character songs for "Ship This", "One Piece", "Arpeggio of Blue Steel", etc., and also composed lyrics for voice actor units.
    He has composed more than 100 songs for TV commercials, BGM for PlayStation4 and PlayStationVR (THE PLAYROOM, VR), OSTs and arrangement CDs for Final Fantasy 11, Final Fantasy 13, Seiken Densetsu, etc. He is also involved in the production of OSTs and the arrangement of CDs for Final Fantasy 11, Final Fantasy 13, and Seiken Densetsu as an arranger and player.
    He has also been involved in TV Asahi's "Ongaku no Nai Ongakukai" as a pianist, orchestral arranger, band arranger, and more.

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    Composer and arranger from Niigata Prefecture. He has provided songs for artists, singers, and idols, and created music for a wide range of fields, including animation, games, and film music. He is a thorough technician, and his specialty is to analyze and absorb various genres of music speedily, and to materialize and output the music as he imagines.

    Nano "Neververland" (composition), "neophobia" (composition and arrangement)
    Nao Higashiyama "Junkafuru World" (arranger)
    Aoyama Rabness (Music Producer)
    TV animation "Watashi ni Tenshi ga Mukerita! Miyako Hoshino (CV: Rena Ueda) & Kako Matsumoto (CV: Lynn) "Dear My Friend" (Lyrics, music composition, arrangement)
    Music game application "Memories of Link" (music production)
    My Hero" (music production), etc.



ANLA manages artists, writers, and handle music publishing. We aim to become a creative collective that can make any kind of music. From anime soundtrack, Japanese music, to western style music, our team creates all type of music. We will support your entertainment business by promoting artists and influencers, organize live concerts, and produce original merchandise.

Our purpose is to explore and expand creativity in the world. ANLA will continue to discover and nurture talented creators and provide full support.

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